Where to Journal – an adventure

I drag my journal everywhere.  I like cafes, I like home, I like parks.  Enough about me.

Where do you like to journal?  Where and when are important questions to ask and once discovered, important spaces to protect?

If you don’t yet have the “perfect” journaling space, spend some time finding it. Experiment both with time and with space.

Do you do better alone or writing surrounded with people like in a journal meet-up or in a café?

Do you write better in a crowded airport?

One student reported that she was far more productive writing at a table than lounging on her couch.

For a number of years, I moved around the Nevada County house.  I wrote at my old large desk on the first floor.  I wrote on a narrow  Parson’s table on the second. I wrote in the guest house.  Nothing really clicked.  When we made the serious, permanent move. I finally had it figured out.   I took a smaller desk (between the size of the Parson’s table and big desk)  to essentially the landing of the second floor.  The desk faced southwest and overlooked the cemetery a Memento Mori field.   This, finally, worked.

So what worked?  Windows, light and southern exposure.  I also need either utter quiet with background music of my choosing, or I need noise, like the aforementioned cafe.  Yet I don’t write well in airports or airplanes.

Laid out like this, your requirements may sound idiocentric, shouldn’t you be able to write anywhere, any time?  And those who can’t are simply delicate snowflakes who aren’t real writers?  Yes and no.  Mostly no.  Place and time matter.  Experiment with honoring that and record the results on your work.

Where is your best place to write?

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