The Journey IS the Story

I wrote this break down of how to find the real story of our novels in Writers Fun Zone. Check it out! New Class! How telling your Story Today can Change your Tomorrow. Sign up for the 8 class teachable course now. Contact me to participate in the 8 week interactive class via email startingContinue reading “The Journey IS the Story”

Where to Write?

Where to Journal – an adventure I drag my journal everywhere.  I like cafes, I like home, I like parks.  Enough about me. Where do you like to journal?  Where and when are important questions to ask and once discovered, important spaces to protect? If you don’t yet have the “perfect” journaling space, spend someContinue reading “Where to Write?”

How long does it take to Write a Book?

How long does it take to write a book?  For a non-fiction book here is an idea of the timing as well as the steps for a successful book launch. Month One Analyze the competition Keywords Three goals for the book Draft  the book outline Identify existing materials that can be used in the bookContinue reading “How long does it take to Write a Book?”