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Creativity is having a moment, the term has become a celebrated commercial identity as well as a Linked-In worthy professional asset. But creativity isn’t something we have. It’s something we do. And we can do it poorly and still experience amazing improvements to our life and outlook.
In this four week class:

Learn more about the creative states of being:

  • How Creativity should be uncoupled from Income and results
  • The myth of the tortured artist
  • The history of creativity, its name and place in Industrial society
  • How to tap into your own creative spirit and continue to thrive.

Museums –  Stealing, Sharing & Showing off

In this history class, we will learn where, how, and why museums emerged.  A by-product of the curiosities and collections of the 17th century, the invention and establishment of public museums is much rocker and fraught than their placid exteriors would indicate.

From glued-together mermaids to blockbuster shows, this overview takes you through the history of our most venerated institutions including the Met, the British Museum, and the Louvre.

Dictionaries – A History of What We Mean

How many times has an adult in your life told you to just “look it up in the dictionary” assuming that what you found would be the ultimate truth?  But who decided what that truth really is?  In this class, we study the history of dictionaries and definitions to illuminate just how fungible the effort really is.  Dictionaries are products of time and culture, and often deliver more history than truth.   

 Words alter how we view our culture and each other.  Explore the makers of words and definitions that end up affecting – pretty much everything.  

Club OLLI Activity–Membership Required


Transformative Journaling

Transformative Journaling is a way to organically organize our thoughts and experiences in a positive effective manner. By telling our story we not only move into the heroine position, but recent findings, linked to the studies of brain plasticity have discovered that consistent journaling can reduce doctor visits and improve overall health. We will learn how to start, what to write, and work with feedback about our process. There is homework!  You’ll be learning how, when and when is the best time for your own journaling.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the Transformational Journaling class. Catharine Bramkamp was an amazing instructor!I actually learned a lot about journaling and she gave us so many tools and prompts for when we get stuck. I personally had some major breakthroughs as a result of our class exercises!I would recommend this class for everyone!!
Thank you, Trish B

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