What is transformative Journaling

and why is it different from regular journaling?

Journaling is an everyday activity, easier than exercise and more transformative than crosswords.

If you’ve been journaling forever, switch up your writing from just griping and complaining to exploring how you can make the situation better or how you can think about your situation differently.  If this is all new, you may benefit from bitching a bit, and working through issues.

The transformative part comes when you start expressing what you want to happen.    This is the key.   There is benefit’s to bitching, there are more benefits to moving your brain and your consciousness to a more positive place.


Thoughts create our reality.

The more you think about the world in one way, the more the world will appear to you in that way.

Everyone knows this, but really give the idea attention and see if you want to change.

Once you’ve written a boatload of material, review some of it.

Do you see patterns or even small sentences that are more revealing that you imagine?  Can you take action on what you wrote?  Do you even want to?

That’s it,  start, change, start again.

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