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Like a sports or business coach, a writing coach will help you discover your authentic voice and tell your story.  Do you have a book in you?  As your coach I will help you birth your book and get it out into the world.

Welcome, I look forward to hearing your story!

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Coming in January!

Cover for Deep Trouble

Vic Gardner is enjoying life in Venice.  She is a part time model for her friend Mina, she eats all the pasta she wants, and her troublesome family is safely in California.

Perfect bliss: lasted fifteen minutes.

Her nephew is AWOL, her ex just happens to stop over with a marriage proposal and a mysterious warning and her manicurist has turned into a sleuthing scholar pursuing an 18th-century female artist that could be the discovery of the decade.

Who else is looking for Danielle’s artist?

Are the escalating street attacks random or specific to Vic and Danielle?

Which is worse, trespassing or being buried alive?   

Vic is in deep trouble.


Creative You

Powells Books

Yesterday, I organized my brain.  
I organize by moving, categorizing and re-shelving my books

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Dance Even If Someone Is Looking

To inspire more creativity and just for the joy of it.   I took up belly dancing a year ago and danced my first solo six months later.   Thank you Jewels of the Yuba for your support and encouragement!

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