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Like a sports or business coach, a writing coach helps improve your performance as she aids in you achieving measurable results. Do you have a book in you? As a writing coach, I am just the person to help you get your book published. If you are home wondering how to make the most of your time – this may be the chance to create your book.

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  • Easy fun classes
  • How to journal
  • Hack your most stubborn projects to completion
  • Social media for authors

Writing Retreats

Visit us in person! Once we can, we offer 3-day workshops set in the most beautiful spaces and places in No. Cal.


Check in to catch spontaneous marketing classes as well as journaling and history classes through Sierra College’s OLLI program.

All the information I’ve learned as well as delivered in my many journaling classes. Get it all in a book, the original self-directed learning program.

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Catharine Bramkamp is a writing and book coach with an MA in creative writing and a university certificate in Professional Social Media

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