How to get your journaling off the ground.  You want to journal, you’ve heard a lot about it,  but how to start and how to keep going?   From my class on transformative journaling, here are a few ideas and exercises to get you started and to keep you going.

Passion Projects

What do you love?

What captures your heart?

Keep a list, keep a running commentary as you come across fascinating material and ideas.

It can be as grand or as intimate as you want.  It’s your project.

What if your passion project doesn’t turn out?

My father spent many happy years researching and reading about sailing around the world in a small two-person boat.  Loved the idea.  Read about it, loved the adventure of it, loved the idea of traveling for long stretches of time, just he and mom.  

My mother was horrified.

But wisely said nothing.

After years of conversation and a shelf filled with books, Dad was ready to shop for boats.

Mom’s response was why not give this a try in real time before buying anything?  

He agreed and they arranged a week-long sailing trip on Puget Sound, with two college friends who DID know how to sail.

After a week “at sea”,  Dad was mad with boredom.  

That passion project was shelved minutes after disembarking.

Did he regret the time spent dreaming?  Nope.  All that dreaming sparked another idea, one he not only executed, but loved doing for ten years.  It did not involve the sea at all.

No time is wasted if you are learning and discovering.  Starting up a passion project will lead you to ideas and places you never before considered.

That’s the transformative part.  That is the goal of writing all these ideas down – that is the first step to making dreams real.

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