Where do you want to go?  And what inspired you?  Instead of “just taking a trip”, you may be on a Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage isn’t just about the Canterbury Tales.  A Pilgrimage can be Livraria Lelloabout Elvis, or Royalty, most certainly about history. It is a category of travel originally bent on redemption, but now more about gaining a deeper understanding.   Your pilgrimage can  confirm the past, enhance current projects or inspire future research and reading.  Many people pilgrimage to sites of favorite books or authors. I know, I met a number of those pilgrims crammed into the Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal),  famous as the purported inspiration for the Hogsworth Library.  It cost five euro to even visit the store and visitors lined up at the cash register clutching copies of Harry Potter books as if they were pieces of the True Cross. Pilgrimage in every sense of the term.

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