Telling Your Story

After Tidying  Everything Up

Write Everything Down

You cleaned and purged. Every item in your house now brings unimaginable joy. What about everything in your life?  Today you have the opportunity to create the next big improvement in your life –  your story.

Are you telling the right story?

When you tidy up  – did you notice that each item you held, each item you kept was saved from the Goodwill because of its story?  If you can’t bear to part with an item, it’s because of what it represents.    

Story delivers meaning. Story is why we keep things, keep people and keep on course. Story explains the lumpy ashtray on the mantel. 

The big question for this course: is your story the same one you began with? Have you been telling one story but actually living a different one? Living the plot of an old story is like wearing fashion you wore in the 9th grade, except now you’re 46. No longer a fit. 

Our whole life is one big choose-your-ending-novel. We need stories to create meaning, and we need meaning to just get out of bed.

Find meaning by discovering your story.

What kind of stories?

  • Your personal story (how to get better at almost anything)
  • The family story (wrangling all that genealogy and Ancestry information)
  • Travel story (how to enhance your vacation)
  • Business story (with a great story, it is easier to face Monday)
  • Social story (how to tell a good story through social media)
  • Helpful story (how to write up a book based on your expertise)

They are all our story, how we manage the world and how we find a way to belong.  It’s as important as it’s daunting.

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