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Buy it, or just describe it?

Souvenir.  The impulse to buy something to remember an experience. Or the impulse to buy something because in the moment, that keychain, purse or rock, seems like an excellent idea. Or the impulse to buy what everyone else is buying. Or impulse triggered by abundance – a market filled with painted pottery, a store packed with…

Ancient Japanese Armor

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Sharing and Caring, Selfie Journaling

Travel journaling is like one long, continuous selfie.  One could argue that journaling is even more self-absorbed than selfies.  Many of us don’t even share what we write.  Even though sharing is caring. Sharing is also annoying. Journaling is different from just snapping a stream of photos.  It is observation, opinion and more deeply personal…

On the Douro River

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What Travel brochures really mean

For my journal,  I cut out the brochure or travel planner photos and descriptions of what I will encounter. And since it never matches my experience,  I have learned to embrace the difference.  With a little practice and a lot of writing, you will too. From the tour company’s description of our Indian safari: … …

Crowd of tourists taking photos of a tiger.

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