Squeezing Out the Write Words

Squeezing out the words

We all write in our journals.  That’s how I start my day, rattling off ideas, adding to the to-do list.  Meandering around paragraphs, tripping through weed-infested sentences.  I keep a running journal, a few years deep, and the other day, like finally checking the car odometer, I checked the word cumulation on my Scrivener program […]

How your book club will save the world

Book clubs rock

Spoiler Alert:  Civilized discourse. If we are lucky, and we are lucky, our book club is populated by many people all of whom already like one another.  We have life in common, and we certainly have a love of reading in common.  All to the good. Because some evenings what we don’t have in common […]

Talk to Your Book

Talk to your book

Have you ever been blocked?  Uninspired?  Your characters are mere cardboard cut outs, or paper dolls  so thin that the only way to change their mind is to change their outfits.  It’s a depressing slough to be stuck in.  Or maybe not, you are brilliant, your Muse never leaves you, even for coffee, you are […]