Travel journaling is like one long, continuous selfie.  One could argue that journaling is even more self-absorbed than selfies.  Many of us don’t even share what we write.  Even though sharing is caring.

Sharing is also annoying.

Journaling is different from just snapping a stream of photos.  It is observation, opinion and more deeply personal than a mere photograph.

A journal is both introspective and observational.  I tend to look out when I travel.  I often already know what I think so my journal notes are snarky comments, the sketch of the bachelorette party riding the bus, the notes on the bride to be sporting a  tiara in the shape of a tiny penis (for her sake, I hoped it was not to scale).  Notes on the  young women photographing her friend who was dressed in a stunning red gown so to dramatically contrast against the  blinding white marble of the Taj Mahal.  UNESCO as a backdrop.   I couldn’t take photos of these moments, but I could record them.

The journal is the ultimate selfish selfie, in it, you can be narcissistic, opinionated, nasty, wondrous, and on occasion, generous.  Smaller than the additional luggage needed for costume changes, faster than full makeup very morning of a trip in case you need a photo of you and your breakfast, the journal is there, quick and unobtrusive.

I often scribble what annoys me the most, saving me from confrontations but also recording emotions and situations for later use.

Like today.

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