Can you journal?

As humans, we are all storytellers, and how we record our stories is often a function of available technology. Video, text, recordings, are all legitimate and interesting ways to tell a story. However, if you want to change, you need to write it all out.  To truly and beautiful change your own mind, how you think and how you react, the best system is to write by hand.  Old fashion, effective.

Old fashion typewriter

Should I share my journal?

By every god, no.  If you write thinking someone else will read, it will change your work, and not for the better.  You want the truth, you want change, you don’t want an audience.

 I know everything about Journaling 

I take classes, seminars and re-invent my approach all the time.  We come to the page differently every day.  Maybe you become adept at spinning all your journal writing to be positive and transformative.  Great!  The next big step is to use your creative time to invent something brand new.  

What if I don’t have time to journal?

I hear you. We are busy. You can make an effective change by journaling for ten minutes a day. In my journaling classes, we review how to find that ten minutes and how to maximize it so you reap all the life-changing benefits of journal writing in the available time you have.

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