You want to journal, you’ve heard a lot about it,  but how to start and how to keep going?  From my class on transformative journaling, here are a few ideas and exercises to get you started and to keep you going.

You already know to write out emails ahead of time rather than just responding in the heat of the moment. 

Journaling can help with other issues in the workplace both institutional – those brainstorming sessions complete with donuts and flip charts are one example.  But if you aren’t improving the company, you can improve your own work environment. Use your journal to express how you feel and how you want to manage your work.

What is frustrating about work?

Who is frustrating at work or in a volunteer organization?

Describe that frustration.

Now write out what you want.  Do you want the problematic person to leave?  Do you want to have a more cordial exchange when next you meet?   Do you want to do more than just duck into the restroom when you see them down the hall?

Write out what you want to happen.

Now, you know this person or this challenge.  You now know what kind of outcome you want.

Back it up. What kind of vocabulary or syntax can you wield to get the results you need?

Practice it in your journal, then when you are ready:  deploy.

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