Remember the sixties mantra, “What’s your story, man?”

It resonated because your story was important. Your story reflected who you were and who you wanted to be.

It was the story of why you were here, right now in this park, at this concert, in this party.

Your story could be your family and your heritage, but often it was decidedly not.

Your story was written and performed by you alone.

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  1. I grew up in the sixties. I was never asked “what’s my story”. I would get “What’s your bag” meaning ” What’s your take on life man. — what’s feeding your soul. (explain yourself).

    1. I love the translation of What is Feeding your Soul? That would be such a better question to ask at a cocktail party or a business mixer. What does feed our souls? Sometimes we don’t even stop to consider the answer!

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