How to get your journaling off the ground.  You want to journal, you’ve heard a lot about it,  but how to start and how to keep going?   From my class on transformative journaling, here are a few ideas and exercises to get you started and to keep you going.

 Talk to the Dead

You can’t change your family members, only your own responses to them.  And when they are alive, you can practice your new skills.

What if they are no longer with you?

As we said in the lecture, talking to the dead can help alleviate all kinds of attendant stresses often triggered by death or illness.  

Journal out dialogues, conversations and what you always meant to say to the deceased.  No, it won’t do THEM any good, but it will help you. 

What I always wanted to tell you

What I always meant to say

What I always wanted to hear from you

What I plan to do now

What I wish I could have done before

Record everything.  Sometimes what you write is so disturbing you may need to work it out with a professional.  Do.  But setting up your feelings and ideas ahead of time will help.

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