UnConscious Words – the Poet as Messenger

I’m working on a new collection: Unconscious Words – The poet as messenger. Each poem is built from words randomly selected from autobiographical novels ( ee cumming’s the Enormous Room, Jack London’s  Martin Eden).  The process, like action or abstract painting, is to collect words from the source material, then in a second process, respond to the words again to create unconscious constructs that once built, reveal  details and insights about the source  novel, revealing how words (not even sentences) are inextricably linked to an author’s art. Even when the words are disassociated, and pulled randomly from the pages, they still carry the weight of their origins.  The handful of poems here, are expressions of the power of single words, able to clearly express the unconscious. In this process, the poet is the scribe. 

Poem from Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Words from Virginia Woolf – Mrs. Dalloway 5

The odds and ends of impious fate

the telephone can be born

the party within grasp

think of all the untouched, then broken
in a laugh the moment released

this feeling

a pawned moment against almost

warm and pretty enough

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This project was created during the month of April, both National Poetry Month as well as a month of Shelter in Place. Creating a poetry collection focused on travel and getting away was particularly important during an enforced time of confinement.

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