We live in a time packed with irresistible time vampires who either sneak around at night and suck the life out of us, or glitter seductively in the sunlight and lure us away from our daily work.

To write, both your story or your book, or your NaNoWriMo project, you must string together the garlic, make a circle and declare, this is when I write.

Don’t think about writing. Don’t exhaust yourself with recriminations and plans and guilt. Write.

Sure you say, but how?

The best way to get into the page and get into the writing is to limit the time.  As we said in the opening class, give yourself that ten minutes.

Write. (Sensing the theme?)

Now walk away.  This is critical, since you made a deal with yourself, a promise, keep that promise.  Otherwise your subconscious, your Id will never forgive you and forget to call over the Muse next time you try to write.

So like any appointment, keep to the time, the place and length.

This approach has the advantage of allowing for success.  Congratulate yourself for that ten minutes of writing.  Celebrate 1,200  words (roughly).  Celebrate showing up in the first place.

Allow yourself to feel superior and successful.  So many times I meet people who are inordinately impressed that I’m writing something.  You too can be the person who is “writing something”.  Try saying it at the next business mixer, you’ll be surprised at the response!

After Tidying  Everything Up

Write Everything Down

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