Over the last few years, C.S. Lakin and I have been running boot camps in South Lake Tahoe, CA, focused on plotting your novel. But last year we added a Scene Mastery Boot Camp.  This is from Susanne’s blog.  Join us in Nevada City this May for the Scene Boot Camp.  It’s my hometown and I’d love to show you around!

I added the Scene Boot Camp because I know how hard it is to craft a scene. There are so many considerations in the process, and I’ve never seen even a one-hour workshop on scene structure. And honestly, you can’t learn all you need to know about scene structure in one hour, let alone one day.

As with the Plotting Madness Boot Camps, the Scene Mastery camps are intimate, hands-on small-group workshops that allow for intense personal attention and have writers actually writing and rewriting scenes. What makes a boot camp so special is getting that direct feedback and suggestions from other writers.

It Takes a Village

I’m a big supporter of group process. We writers sit locked in our cages most of the time, alone and plodding along without any help. And while that’s fine for most people most of the time, and especially for seasoned writers who know what they’re doing, a lot of beginning writers could really use that help to steer them in a good direction when it comes to plotting and scene structure.

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