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Success is more than  9,000 followers, 103,000 likes, even a best-selling book.  To be effective and sustainable, your brand and story must last for years, be flexible and ideally, keep you interested and engaged.

What story will translate across social media platforms?  
What story works best for a marketing campaign?

Finish Your Book Project!

What Does Your Book Need?

What Do You Need?

Get Your Book Finished!  Work with Catharine Bramkamp

There are only two kinds of writers:  the ones who have the book in them that needs to come out, and the clients who have their book in them and it’s half in half out. An uncomfortable feeling to be sure.

Spend a year creating and finishing your book in a productive and flexible partnership.  What are your great ideas?  What are your goals and what do you want from the book?  First up, please don’t believe that the book will become an immediate bestseller. I would love for that to happen, I would love for your book to attract serendipity and soar above the rest. And it can.  It also may not.

It is worth it to create and complete your book?  Yes. You will experience enormous relief and no small sense of accomplishment by finishing a project that has moved from that heavy bucket list into reality.  You will feel expansive and successful.  You will have all your good ideas and your expertise laid out in an orderly understandable fashion. You will be thrilled and proud of the results.

Fiction and NonFiction

  I work with both fiction and non-fiction books.  Do you have a necessary non-fiction book explaining an important theme and ideas?  So many experts in their field want to record all they know, they want to leave a legacy and no matter what our technology, there nothing speaks to a legacy like a real, honest book. That’s what we create, that is your take away and your triumph.   

What Fiction Writers Need

For fiction writers, you have a brilliant story that needs to be told, or you want to honor another story, and you want to share your story with the world.  And you want the world to love the story back.  

What NonFiction Writers Need

Where do books lead?  Rather than be the end, the culmination of your career, the book becomes your next step to more opportunities.  Do you want to speak?  The book often comes first, the speaking engagements right after. The book solidifies your offerings and your brand.  The book is a better business card that a prospective client will loath to throw away, because, well, it’s a book!

The How

Do I write your book for you?  At times, yes.  The development editorial work can be extensive but we are constantly in touch as we collaborate to make sure your voice is preserved, your personality shines through and you sound like the thought leader you are.  That’s my gift. 

The Why

I work with you to commission the best book cover and source final editing solutions.  Do you want to publish yourself?  We work through Amazon to get the book up and out as quickly as possible. Have more time?  We can source author assist presses as well as indie publishing options.  

But you say, I want to get a big contract with a large publisher of which there are now six. Of course, we will follow best practices and proven ways to secure an agent for a traditional publishing contract.  I will walk you through the agent queries, the conferences and finally the ideal book contracts.  

Writers Retreat- Jump-Start Your Book.

Often it helps to get away from your own desk, work, and distractions and focus on getting a project underway.  Many writers long to get away to write, this retreat offers both the getaway and personal coaching for three intensive days. I offer a cabin in the heart of a designated Cultural District within walking distance of great restaurants and lively bars.  You will enjoy a fully equipped, private guest cabin with off-street parking less than a mile from downtown Nevada City, CA.   

For more information on Jump-Start Your Book

The Publishing Promotion Part

You have finished your book!  We’ve padded, proofed and you’re ready for publishing.Publication and social media often needs to be addressed even before your book is officially published.   

What is involved?  A lot – visit the Publishing options page for more information

Publishing options  – what works best for your book?  What approach will reach your intended audience?

  • Amazon
  • Hybrid
  • Author Assist
  • Indie Publisher
  • Agent/Traditional

Your book Cover – what works

Who to hire and whyWhy we create the cover while still editing the MS

Your website

  • Yeah, you need one.  I recommend WordPress that is handled through all the hosting sites.
  • Register your site in your name. 
  • We work to create the site and upload all the appropriate materials to make you not only real on line, but friendly as well as professional


How do you get the word out about your book?  I work with you to create an editorial calendar that breaks down all the steps for an effective marketing campaign for your book.  And no, a dozen tweets “Buy My Book” is not promotion. When it comes to promotion, the possible is often overwhelming.  I often recommend the probable.  What will you actually do?  Yes, and what can you hire me to do? 

  • Book Promotion
  • Know you Reader
  • Psychographics
  • Demographics
  • Your reader may not be found in a book store
  • Your relationship with the local bookseller
  • Be a Friend of the library
  • Gather Social Proof
  • Create a Newsletter
  • Gather subscribers
  • Guest on Podcasts
  • Write Guest Blogs
  • Feed Your own blog
  • Your own podcast
  • Speaking opportunities


  • Traditional
  • Social Media advertising
  • Facebook ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Reviews –  the long game
  • Social Media How-To
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linked-In
  • Instagram

I would love to meet you and I always love to discuss books!




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