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Success is more than  9,000 followers, 103,000 likes, even a best-selling book.  To be effective and sustainable, your brand and story must last for years, be flexible and ideally, keep you interested and engaged.

What story will translate across social media platforms?  
What story works best for a marketing campaign?

I work with clients to create sustainable stories for their business and personal life.  I also work with clients to get an actual story, their books, finished and out into the world.

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Company identity – what is your business story and how can you best express it?

Book Coaching – Stuck in the Story?  I will help you make your novel or non-fiction book the best it can be.

Promotion – Get the story out, I will help you manage your social accounts or teach you how to do it yourself.

Presentations – groups, classes, workshops or conference

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I love, love, love teaching for the Osher Life Long Learning courses at the Grass Valley Sierra College Campus. I have scheduled classes during the Summer and Fall

Great Art after the Great War

Max Beckman

In four classes, we will discuss the artistic response to the Great War: How it did undo many, how the dead were honored but the wounded forgotten. How a phalanx of generals displayed as much concern for their troops as Fitzgerald’s’ careless people, throwing man after man unnecessarily before essentially a firing squad of machine guns.  How the rich can run over the poor with no consequences. We will look at the visual art responses and how they informed the literature of the 1920s.

We will look at Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and her post-WWI London stroll. TS Eliot’s the Wasteland considered the conscious of Britain. And finally, Fitzgerald, who responded to the finish of the war in a very American way – he partied. As did his iconic Gatsby. Who, like this war, was also great. It is not necessary to read the texts for the class, you’ll remember enough.

Club OLLI Activity–Membership Required

Transformative Journaling

Paris Lunch

Transformative journaling is a way to organically organize our thoughts and experiences in a positive effective manner. By telling our story we not only move into the heroine position, but recent findings, linked to the studies of brain plasticity have discovered that consistent journaling can reduce doctor visits and improve overall health. We will learn how to start, what to write, and work with feedback about our process. There is homework!  You’ll be learning how, when and when is the best time for your own journaling.

Club OLLI Activity–Membership Required


You know all about journaling, but do you know how well and easily it works to


help you change – everything? Transformative journaling is one of the most effective ways to turn hopes and ideas into actions.  Done right, journaling can help circumvent the conscious, editorial section of your brain and uncover and express greater truths and insights.  Your conscious mind is steeped in years of polite behavior and social norms, circumventing that editor can deliver amazing truths, just for you.   
If you have not yet tried journaling, this class will introduce you to the wonderful world of writing for fun and self-improvement. If you’ve journaled forever, this class will help you switch up your writing from complaining to exploring how you can make any situation better. There is benefit to bitching, there are more benefits to moving your brain and your consciousness to a more positive place. Changing your story can change your life. And transformative journaling is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Join me for a two-hour class Wednesday,

June 19, 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Bring pen and paper!  Just $20 per person 

Contact Unity Church – 180 Cambridge Ct Grass Valley, CA, United States

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