Unreal Photos

Enthralled with the ideal, we carefully frame our photos to match expectations, to match what we know we should see and should experience. During a cruise over the top of the world, we learned that even in July, the Arctic Circle is pretty cold and gray.   Okay, freezing, rainy and snowy (I didn’t think…

Brochure of the Arctic Circle

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What Travel brochures really mean

For my journal,  I cut out the brochure or travel planner photos and descriptions of what I will encounter. And since it never matches my experience,  I have learned to embrace the difference.  With a little practice and a lot of writing, you will too. From the tour company’s description of our Indian safari: … …

Crowd of tourists taking photos of a tiger.

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Truth in Travel

Have you ever stood with your back to the sea, held up the resort brochure and marveled at the difference?  The sea photographed for the brochure is turquoise, the sky, brilliant, almost surreal blue, the sand is blindingly white, the palms sway in an invisible breeze because you can’t PhotoShop the breeze. The actual beach…

Great Sphinx, Cario

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