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Take a journaling How To Class

How to Start Journaling

The  beginner journaling class for all of us. This short class includes:

  • How to
  • Transformation typing   
  • What kind of journal to use for life changing results
  • Life Mapping    

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Finally, Finish that Project

Finally, Finish that Task, a free mini course to get your project finished.

One of the most popular section in my Journaling class was how to Game Your Goals, or more prosaically, Finish that Project. Sometimes we are frustrated and overwhelmed because we have too many great projects and no real plan to finish. This class will help get you on track and on task, it’s easy, fun and simple.

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social media for authors

Social Media for Authors

This class will help you break down and understand what social media platforms will work best to promote your book. Pre-published or published, you want your book to gain at least enough attention so you can ask for Amazon reviews and ultimately beg, er, ask for sales.

Social media is not just posting on Twitter – buy my book #desperate. Done well, Social Media is relationship building and storytelling. If you approach the whole morass of Social Media with the idea that you are simply employing different platforms to tell essentially the same story – both your own story and that of your book, you’ll find it’s not the mad soul-sucking circus it first appears.

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