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We are writers.  We are storytellers.  The telling of the story, not only illuminates the listener, it changes the teller.

Keeping a journal will improve your health, create emotional resilience, and help manifest dreams and goals.    But how do you capture those benefits and more importantly, how do you start?

Why this course will help you  Even though there are many, many articles touting the benefits of journaling, there are few that focus on journaling nuts and bolts, the how of it, and how to go about effecting the change you want to see in your life.  In other words, what exactly do you WRITE in that journal?

How this course will help you

Clear the clutter in your life, both the stuff and the unwieldily to-do list.

Stay on your diet and focus on your health or  recovery

Change your family dynamics for the better

And finally, how to talk to the dead.

We will break down the elements of every journaling benefit, give you specific assignments geared to make you stronger and more precise writing focusing on what you want to achieve in your life.

Word by word you will find your life beginning to shift from want to have, and all because you decided to take this class and start recording your dreams and ideas!

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   If you want more information or feedback on the

process of journaling, contact me

Catharine Bramkamp – cbramkamp@gmail.com

Here is the hack: Journal for ten minutes a day, every day for two weeks. You will be changed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the Transformational Journaling class. Catharine Bramkamp was an amazing instructor!I actually learned a lot about journaling and she gave us so many tools and prompts for when we get stuck. I personally had some major breakthroughs as a result of our class exercises!I would recommend this class for everyone!!

Thank you!

Trish B.