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So many people have benefited and yes, changed their lives using the power of the simple journal.  Just writing what you want can help you get what you need.

The class is run through at Story University.

Welcome to the easy, life-changing world of Journaling

You want a better life. Your partner recommends an attitude change. Your mother just gave you a gratitude journal as a not so subtle hint. You know your own thoughts create your unique reality. So how to make that change?

Write it down.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Write your way to stronger and more positive relationships.Cover for class
  • Write your way to desired outcomes
  • Write your way through grief and loss
  • Write your way to better health
  • Write to discover your next passion project
  • Write your way to new goals and a more exciting future

Journaling will help you change your own mind. Journaling will change whatever parts of your life you want to be changed. No outside force needed, just you and your journal.

Here is the hack: Journal for ten minutes a day, every day for two weeks. You will be changed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the Transformational Journaling class. Catharine Bramkamp was an amazing instructor!I actually learned a lot about journaling and she gave us so many tools and prompts for when we get stuck. I personally had some major breakthroughs as a result of our class exercises!I would recommend this class for everyone!!

Thank you!

Trish B.

The Official launch and enrollment begin September 1 – 30th, after which the class will close.   This is your chance to get in and get started.  Enrollment last for September only.  The next enrollment period will be January 2020.  And you certainly don’t want to delay your chance for positive change for that long!

Besides, Journaling will get you through the holidays intact.  There is no price on that.

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