After I’m Buried Alive

A senior adventure about a second chance to make more bad choices.

As the only single woman in the family, Victoria Gardner was always expected to drop everything in her unconventional life to rush home and take care of conventional family emergencies.  After three longs years caring for her dying parents, her brothers assume she’s home for good, ready to be the helpful aunt -forever.  

But when her best friend and former lover mysteriously dies, all of  Vic’s colorful, and some would say, regrettable past rushes in to claim her back.  She must return to Venice, the city of her best and worst times,  promising to return in twenty four hours so her brother and his wife can take his booked cruise.  It doesn’t go as planned.  Vic is   immediately  tangled in far more intrigue and romance than any family member believes she deserves.

Just short of sixty, is it still possible to experience love?  Can she throw herself into a new adventure without throwing out her back? What if all her bad choices were the right ones all along?

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