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Welcome to my Kindle series – the Real Estate Diva Mysteries. Upload one, two or all of the Allison Little series. You won’t be disappointed.

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Book 2 of Allison Little,
Real Estate Diva

Large and in charge.  Allison Little considers herself the foremost, most fabulous real estate agent in Sonoma County until she discovers a dead body in her new listing. Allison not only attracts more than her share of mayhem, but she also attracts the attention of Ben Stone, tall, handsome and resistant to every one of her up until now, successful pitches.
There is an official form to cover an untimely death in a new listing?  Is the murderer still at large? 

“Catharine has a keen eye on the world around her and the rare ability to translate what she sees in life into beautiful prose.  Her words are not only witty and acerbic but also insightful and poignant.”   

Leslie Wirtley –  Runaway Heart  (Velvet Seduction Press) 

“All those five AM stints have paid off. You are a damn good writer.”

Hank Mattimore – Grandpa to a Children’s Village (Caritas Communications)

New, New Book!

Writing from the Queen Seat is a powerful system that gives you step-by-step exercises, templates, guidance, and action steps that help reveal your essential expertise as well as your purpose and how to share it.    Through imaging our Queendom, we discovered new and tremendous energy that allowed us to discover deeper layers of our expertise, our gifts, and our motivation.   The queendom is a creative, effective method to access your own power and help you write your book based on your expertise and power.

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