A Few Little Book Press

Indulge in A Few Good Reads Brought to you by A Few Little Books Press Welcome to my Kindle series – the Real Estate Diva Mysteries Purchase one, two, or all of the  Allison Little Series. You won’t be disappointed. Large and in charge.  Allison Little considers herself the foremost, most fabulous real estate agent […]

Writing from the Queen’s Seat

Writing from the Queen’s Seat Writing from the Queen Seat is a powerful system that gives you step-by-step exercises, templates, guidance, and action steps that help reveal your essential expertise as well as your purpose and how to share it. Through imaging our Queendom, we discovered new and tremendous energy that allowed us to discover […]

Journaling Class

Cover for Teachable.com class

Take my class online! We are writers.  We are storytellers.  The telling of the story, not only illuminates the listener, it changes the teller. Keeping a journal will improve your health, create emotional resilience, and help manifest dreams and goals.    But how do you capture those benefits and more importantly, how do you start? […]